the poetry of you

[from poets of color class]
prompt 1 (10 mins): write a list describing the poetry of “you.”

secret; feminist; nyc; city-based; quiet; movement-oriented; sarcastic; critical; inward; outward; problematic; disjointed; contained; lyric; spoken; concrete; sometimes obscure; self-reflective; community-reflective; political; purposed; “colloquial;” veiled; grammatical; non-grammatical; spaced out; lonely; questioning; angry; conscious; distant; between; emotional; associative; elusive; conversational; influenced; space; place; relations; history; commemorative; celebratory; sensory; attempts; researched; hopeful; concerned; grieving; multiple.

prompt 2 (15 mins): write a poem of “you” using 5-10 words from another person’s list.

word bank: hypotheticals, terrains, geometry, visual, deep space

me poem
containing hypotheticals:
my theoretical manhood,
what lies in the terrains, the deep    space
between body & name, he–
here. i am   this,  & it is
visual: seen–chest bound, pressed
together, shirt & tie. a careful
geometry of new angles, tinkered
with, altered, leveled. this is just one side,
the hard part; my obtuse future.


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